Percussion Info

Onstage Percussion


The following percussion will be provided on stage at the Festival. All bands are required to use the large percussion provided unless you have express permission from the General Manager.


All bands are to provide their own leads and sticks/mallets.


The following percussion will be available for BOTH Primary and Secondary School CONCERT BANDS


  • 4 Timpani (Majestic)
  • Drum kit
  • Tubular bells (Adams Symphonic Wind Chimes BK3003 1.5”)
  • Glockenspiel
  • Xylophone
  • Marimba
  • Concert bass drum (Majestic 32 X 18 Inch)
  • Concert snare
  • Floor toms
  • Congas (2 - Mano 10/11 Inch ) 
  • Tam-tam/Gong
  • Wind chimes (Meinl)
  • Bongos (Pearl 06/07 Inch fibreglass)
  • Temple blocks
  • Crash cymbals
  • Trap table


Electrified Instruments/equipment: the following electrified instruments and equipment will also be provided:


  • One electric keyboard (schools are welcome to bring extra keyboards or provide their own)
  • Two amplifiers with at least 4 jack inputs will be on stage


Schools are advised that all guitarists (and any extra keyboards) should bring their own leads.


BIG BANDS - The following will be supplied for the Primary and Secondary Schools


  • Drum Kit
  • 2 congas
  • Vibraphone (on request)
  • Bass amp
  • Guitar amp
  • Electric keyboard (or acoustic piano)
  • 4 solo/vocal microphones


Schools are free to bring any other percussion requirements not listed here.


A grand piano is available on request.