MD Info

Check out the entry criteria below or click the links to the left to access more useful MD information and resources regarding the Festival.

What Event Should I Enter?


Musical Directors are encouraged to choose event levels which will challenge their bands. Please look at the Event Criteria and the Music Previously Played to assist you in your decision.








If you are new to the Festival you are advised to check well in advance with your students and parents regarding any sporting commitments they may have throughout July and August. Remember, this is Australia. Sport matters! 


We understand that the level of school bands can vary markedly from one year to the next due to changes of personnel, however, in the spirit of the non-competitive nature of the event, and in order to preserve the integrity of the event, we pay close attention to the event levels in which bands are entered.


Bands playing the majority of their program at a level which is deemed below the acceptable grade for a section may not be eligible for a Gold Award.


MDs are advised to observe the compulsory Australian content requirements for the NSW SBF.


MDs are further advised that ALL section of the SBF require bands to present a varied program. A slow melody/chorale or hymn is required to allow the adjudicator to more readily assess the musical capabilities of the band. It is also essential for the musical development of the young musician and should not be overlooked in place of 'fun music they like to play'.


Bands must comply with the event time limits. If a band plays significantly longer than the allotted time they may not be eligible for a Gold Award.


If a band wishes to play a longer program they should enter in the next higher event category.


Please do not hesitate to Contact the General Manager or a member of the School Band Festival Advisory Board if you have any questions regarding your entry.


Entry Payment


The SBF online system will generate a single invoice for all event entries. The invoice will be sent to the email address registered for the School Contact which you can confirm at the Edit School Details in the members section. If you require a separate invoice for one or more of the bands you can delete the unwanted bands from the invoice before sending.


If you do not receive an email you should re-enter the site, check that the email address is correct and click resend invoice.


Please ensure your entry payment is finalised promptly. Registration is not guaranteed until payment is finalised.


PURCHASE ORDERS: A number of individual schools and school systems are now requiring a Purchase Order (PO) to be obtained before they will complete the payment. Please note it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to obtain and enter this purchase order into our system.


Earlybird Entry Fee: If payment is not finalised by the cut-off time indicated on the Festival website bands will be subject to the General Entry Fee.


If payment has not been finalised by the cut-off date a band may be withdrawn to allow bands on the standby list to take their place in the event.


Please note: since 2015 there has been compulsory Australian content requirements for all Festival events.