Event Day Details

What will happen with our band once we arrive at the Festival?

Published arrival time


The published arrival time is the time you should present yourself to the Festival marshals at the Festival venue. You should deliver your music scores at this time.


The arrival time is estimated by us to allow you sufficient time to prepare in the warm up room. We DO NOT provide playing times. If bands withdraw from your event on the day you may be required to play shortly after arrival.


It becomes very stressful for our volunteer ushers to deal with parents who have missed their child's performance due to inaccurate information they have received from their school.


Arrival: band assembly area


The members of your school band should gather out the front of the Clancy Auditorium and remain together with parents and/or the School Musical Director until collected by a Festival marshal.


Schools are requested to STRONGLY ADVISE parents to enter the auditorium as soon as the band has been taken to the warmup room to ensure they do not miss their child's performance.


Warm-up rooms


Bands will be taken to the warm-up rooms approximately 20 minutes before the band goes on stage. MDs should strongly advise parents to go inside the auditorium and listen to a few bands to add to the Festival atmosphere.


Students will leave their instrument cases at a designated drop off point. Please ensure no valuables are left with the instrument cases.


Bands will normally have about 20 minutes in a warm up room. They will then be ushered from the warm up room to the stage. Bands are permitted to have 1 parent helper to assist them back stage.


After the performance


The band will move directly off-stage to have an official photograph taken. This photograph is available for purchase. Students are free to leave once the Musical Director has dismissed them.


Adjudication and awards ceremonies


Typically we would have an adjudication at the end of each section. If there are a large number of bands in a section we might have an adjudication halfway through the event. The compere will announce the adjudication times during the course of the event.


Results from the event will be available on the Festival website shortly after the adjudication.


The adjudication mp3 audios will be uploaded onto the individual school profile. Once the Musical Director has listened to the recording to ensure the content is suitable for general release they are free to make the audio available to the students by generating a student password and advising students/parents.


Students can log in and listen to the adjudication mp3 using the school Username (number) and the password generated by the MD. The School MD reserves the absolute right to withhold access to this adjudication recording.


Students are advised that this recording is for educational purposes only and should not be used for any other purpose.


If you have any further questions regarding the SBF please Contact the General Manager.